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Animal Coloring Pages


Animal color and drawing kids game. Free coloring book for kids and toddlers. Lots of coloring pages of animals, fish and dinosaurs. Draw beautiful designs which you can save or share with family and friends.Free animal coloring pages in different categories:- Farm animals: chicken, pigs, cows, duck and sheep coloring pages- Pets: cats, dogs, pomsky and other animals for in the house.- Apes and monkeys, from lovely little ape to a big gorilla. - Animals of the forest: Color or paint a bear or fox.- Dinosaurs: Lovely and sometimes dangerous dinosaur - Dragons, animals of myths and fairy tails - Fish in all kinds of beautiful colors - Sharks and dolphins - Water animals, sea horses and more - Snakes and centipedes - Butterflies and birds: flying animals- Wild animals of the jungle: Lions, bears and other fierce animals
This app has the most animals of all other coloring games